Diminished Value Claims

A lot of people wonder if diminished value claims are worth pursuing. Diminished value claims don’t have to be a difficult process. If your car is worth significantly less after an accident, even after it has been restored to original condition, then filing a claim for the car’s diminished value could compensate for the significant financial loss in value. Let the experts at On The Go Appraisals guide you and get you the help you need. Call us today for a free consultation!

Appraisal Clause Assistance

Sometimes vehicle values can be difficult to agree upon. At On The Go, we put decades of industry knowledge to work, with unbiased appraisers who can help you and your policy holders reach an agreed value and get the claim settled accurately and quickly.

Next Level Professionalism

Our experts have spent years learning the industry and maintain a wealth of certifications, licenses, and material damage experience. In that same regard, the winds of change are always blowing. At On The Go, we’ve learned how to adjust on the fly. We can tailor a package custom fit to your needs and company guidelines. While we maintain a rigorous Covid Protocol, we can also adapt to any special provisions or requirements, as we are a true partner and not just another IA.




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